Football Unites the World

Qatar 2022…We watched a very different world cup. For the first time, it was hosted in a different geography and a different culture. With the perfect organization, the games that broke the rating records all over the world created a storm of excitement until the last moment. Do you remember that a goal to be scored in extra time completely changed the teams that would leave the group at the last moment. The fact that it was Ronaldo and Messi’s last world cup competition gave it a different meaning and excitement. Despite Ronaldo holding all the records, Messi was the most profitable player of the world cup.

The promotion started with Ronaldo and ended with Messi. Once again, we saw that the excitement of the World Cup is really different. It is much different and much more important than continental tournaments, including Europe. You get excited with Ecuador, you see Japan, Canada, Brazil, Argentina, USA and while the fact that everyone is there from Ghana to France, from Spain to Algeria to Tunisia makes this organization reach the climax, you realize that football has become a common language.

What about EMERGENCY

In our country, more than 400 million patients were examined in outpatient clinics last year and about 130 million of them were emergency. As they say, medicine is divided into two: Emergency and others. The situation is totally like that quantitatively. When we look at it in terms of quality, emergency is one of the most common points of everyone. Visits to the emergency room are not planned trips. For example, 112 brings the critically ill patient to the nearest unit. Therefore, everyone, whether rich or poor, bureaucrat or shepherd, is in the same situation in the ER. The patients are in one of the weakest moments of their lives. As in the past, even if you are the owner of university hospitals where the world's most respected professors work, you live the most critical moment of your life in a second level emergency room in case of an arrest. This is how Emergency unites people.

Emergency Unites the World

And here we come to that year. World Emergency Medicine Congress is in our country in 100 years. As in the World Cup, all world emergencies from Japan to Malaysia, from Ghana to Ecuador, from Italy to Canada, from New Zealand to the USA, from Russia to Ukraine are coming together at the meeting point of the world; in our country, in Istanbul and Antalya. We will all be working and trying to shine a light on the world from our country…to the 2023 congress of this huge organization WACEM -the largest academic network-. The world's most comprehensive emergency medicine organization has also a great importance for the promotion of our country.

This Year Is Very Different

Emergency Medicine Physicians Association of Turkey (EPAT) is an exemplary formation that is deeply rooted with its leadership aspect, which became more evident during the pandemic period. Its top-level position was followed with envy and such It is not affected by simple winds and does not change direction according to the wind. The gigantic organization that brings the world together at such a meaningful time, suits EPAT very well.

I wish this year to be a turning point for our country and for the World Emergency Medicine and invite to organize the biggest organization ever and to take a giant step for the future of emergencies where everyone comes together.

Let's all come together with all our might...

Prof. Dr. Başar Cander
Chairman of the Board of Directors

Dr. Sagar Galwankar
Academic Director of WACEM


See you in 2023



Prof. Dr. Başar Cander

Chairman of the Board of Directors, WACEM

Prof. Jean-Louis Vincent


David Carr


Dr. Sagar Galwankar

Academic Director, WACEM

Professor Dr. Bonnie Arquila

Datuk Dr. Mohamed Alwi Bin Hj Abdul Rahman

HOD Emergency Department Selayang Hospital Malaysia

Dr. Pia Daniels

State University of New York Downstate Medical New York, USA

Professor Dr. Hassan Al-Thani

Hamad Medical Center, Qatar

Professor Dr. Zeynep G. Çakır


Professor Dr. Salvatore Di Somma

University of Rome Sapienza, Italy

Dr. Sage Wiener

SUNY Downstate Health Sciences, USA

Professor Dr. Manish Garg

Weill Cornell Medicine & Columbia University Vagelos College of Physicians & Surgeons, USA

Professor Dr. Ashish Bhalla

PGI Chandigarh, India

Dr. Samiddi Samarakoon

Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

Professor. Dr. Prabath Nanayakkara

University Medical Center, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Dr. Rebecca Jeanmonod

St Luke’s University Health Network, USA

Professor Dr. Prashant Mahajan

University of Michigan Medical School, USA

Dr. Veronica Tucci

Director for Research in Emergency Medicine, HCA/USF OAK HILL Hospital Emergency Medicine Residency Program, Florida, USA

Dr. Abhishek Bhardwaj

Cleveland Clinic, USA

Professor Dr. Sanjeev Bhoi

AIIMS, New Delhi, India

Dr. Shruti Chandra

Thomas Jefferson University, USA

Professor Dr. Praveen Aggarwal

AIIMS, New Delhi, India

Dr. Curtis Harris

University of Georgia, USA

Dr. Raymond E. Swienton

University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center, USA

Prof. Aruna Munasinghe

Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

Dr. Vimal Krisnan

Manipal University, India

Professor Lim Swee Han

Singapore General Hospital, Singapore

Professor Hyun Suk Yang, M.D.

Konkuk University School of Medicine, Seoul, Korea

Dr. Lal Panapitiya

Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

Dr. Monalisa N. Muchatuta

State University of New York Downstate Medical New York, USA

Dr. Mihira Bandara

Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

Dr. Khikmat Anvarov

Republican Research Center of Emergency Medicine, Tashkent, Uzbekistan

Dr. Samara Soghoian

New York University School of Medicine, USA

Dr. Mark Silverberg

State University of New York Downstate Medical New York, USA

Dr. Jagath Rathugamage

Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

Dr. Bradley Peckler

The Wellington Regional Simulation & Skills Center, New Zealand

Dr. Anver Hamdani

Ministry of Health, Sri Lanka

Professor Amin Antoine Kazzi

American University of Beirut (AUB), Lebanon

Dr. Jesus Daniel Lopez Tapia


Dr. Luis Vargas


Professor Dr. Lukasz Szarpak


Dr. Francisco Moya


Dr. Ayman El-Manyar


Dr. Viktorya Badtieva


Dr. Ahmad Mahmoud Wazzan

Suudi Arabistan

Prof. Dr. Turan Aslan


Prof. Dr. Behçet Al


Prof. Dr. Fatimah Lateef


Prof. Donald Doukas


Prof. Dr. Siddharth Dubhashi


Dr. Aftab Mohammad Aza


Dr. Baha Hamdi Kahlout


Dr. Imran Nazir Bhat


Prof. Wang Zhong


Prof. Wei Jie


Prof. Dr. Nazmine Güler


Dr. Vivek Kumar


Sailesh Pradhan



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